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(European Social Ethics Project)

This project currently comprises members from 14 institutions in
different European countries involved in the education and training of socio-education care workers, social pedagogues, community and youth workers and social workers.

List of members ESEP 2013

The group began at a seminar organised by FESET (Association Europeénne des Centres de Formation au Travail Socio-Educatif/European Association of Training Centres for Socio-Educational Care Work) in October 1998. The group works
under the umbrella of FESET.

The project aims
to develop our understanding of

  • How students conceptualise ethical dilemmas;

  • What kinds of issues they find problematic

  • How education and training can better prepare
    them for the ethical dimensions of practice

Teaching materials

One of the purposes of the ESEP has been to develop materials for use in teaching. In particular, we have collected case studies that can be used as a basis for group discussions.

The ESEP has prepared a book, published in May 2003, on ‘Teaching Practical Ethics for the Social Professions.’ This gives guidance on how to use different types of teaching techniques and materials, including ethics cases, Socratic dialogue, ethical decision-making models and learning journals and a bibliography of useful books and articles. The book can be downloaded for free by using the link on this website.

Download Teaching Practical Ethics Here

The project aims
to develop our understanding of

In July 2011 the book ‘Practising social work ethics around the world. Cases and commentaries’ edited by Sarah Banks and Kirsten Nøhr was published by Routledge, UK. The idea for
this book has been discussed in the ESEP group and several
members have contributed with cases and commentaries.

Thanks To

Richard Anthone: The project coordinator.

Richard Anthone,
Karel de Grote- Hogeschool,
Dept. Sociaal-Agogisch Werk,
Brussels 23,
2018 Antwerpen
E. Richard.Anthone (at)

For a copy of the book with a 20%
reduction in price, please see
the attached leaflet.

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